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10 example of conjunction in a sentence

In conjunction with his brother Leonardo, he wrote in Latin a history of the first crusade, entitled De Bello a Christianis contra Barbaros gesto pro Christi Sepulchro et Judaea recuperandis libri tres (Venice, 1432, translated into Italian, 1543, and into French, 1620), which, though itself of little interest, is said to have furnished Tasso with the historic basis for his Jerusalem Delivered..

Definition of Conjunction the act of joining two or more occasions together Examples of Conjunction in a sentence In April a city in Georgia will sponsor a city clean- up to embrace a more environmentally-conscious perspective called Living Green in conjunction with Earth Day. Most Searched Words (with Video) Heresy: In a Sentence. What is an example of an conjunction in a sentence? Conjunction Rules Conjunctions are for connecting thoughts, actions, and ideas as well as nouns, clauses, and other parts of speech. For example: Mary went to the supermarket and bought oranges. Conjunctions are useful for making lists. For example: We made pancakes, eggs, and coffee for.

. Example Sentences Michael is rich. This conjunction type is the most common to join two independent clauses, phrases, or even words in a sentence, whether adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, etc. Contrast Conjunctions and Example Sentences The opposition or dissimilarityof things that are compared..

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Interrogative Sentences with examples in English with Urdu | English speaking course class 5AOA, Today we are going to learn interrogative Sentences wi. Homelier in a sentence | Short example sentence for homelier [Class 1-5] On this page we are showing correct ways to write : Dressing Up in a sentence. Dressing Up sentence. sentence with.

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10 example of conjunction in a sentence